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Below are links to web pages and related documents for the current semester’s Physics courses. Links are listed here  are provided by professors. If you are taking a class and do not see a link for it here, check with your professor to see if he or she has a web page for the course (and if so, encourage him or her to contact us to get it added here!).


PHY 101L

PHY 101L Course Website


PHY 103M

PHY 103M Course Website


PHY 116L

PHY 116L Course Website


PHY 302L

PHY 302L Course Website - Coker



Spring, 2016 Schedule - Website


PHY 329

PHY 329 Course Webpage - Demkov


PHY 341

PHY 341 Course Website - Fink


PHY 352K

PHY 352 Course Website - Kaplunovsky


PHY 396K

PHY 396K Course Website (Quantum Field Theory I) - Kakplunovsky