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The department holds several events throughout the academic year and the good thing about them is that most include some kind of food! If you have a recurring event you'd like to have listed, please contact the Physics Admin Team (physicsABS@physics.utexas.edu).  Refer to the Events Planning & Foods Order site for guidelines and assistance with your event.

For events such as lectures, colloquia, etc., click on Events at the top of the page to see our calendar.


Free Pizza


FREE pizza lunches with faculty. Tell the faculty what’s giving you the most trouble, and find out how they handled it. Ask the most thought-provoking physics questions that will put them on the spot; otherwise, we’ll make you pay for the pizza! Three or four times per semester.




Every Fall and Spring, the Department of Physics sponsors a catered BBQ - we call it a PHYSNIC (get it??) at Eastwoods Neighborhood Park just off Dean Keeton! We've been doing this for over 11 years for our undergrad and grad students, faculty, staff and families. It's a great place to get to know each other while eating fabulous food, playing basketball, frisbee and volleyball.

Below are a few pictures from our Fall 2013 Physnic!





Eastwoods Neighborhood park was host to the original birthday party for Eeyore. The sculpture was created by local artist Bob Coffee in commemoration of that event. For more about Eeyore's birthday parties, click here!



  Chowing down



                                                                            Hungry physics student! 




Lisa et al


John Keto (left), Lisa Gentry (center) and Elaine Li, (right). John and Elaine are faculty and they teach. This means that they may be teaching YOU! Lisa is the Undergraduate Coordinator and she also organizes the Physnic each year. So, this means be nice to them!  Do EVERYTHING they ask of you. And smile a lot!







                    What's the easiest way to make students smile??

                                                  FEED THEM !!!








Students  Food


 ......and then feed them some MORE!! 

(See that guy on the right?  NOT smiing.....hasn't eaten yet!)






Midnight Cram


All the coffee you can drink. All the doughnuts and beignets you can eat. And you get to find out what “beignets” are. Learning assistants and at least one professor will be on hand because even when you’re cramming, a little context can never hurt. Twice a semester.



Research Open House


Ott Valadez Stain  Dohmann


To be successful with your Physics degree, you need to participate in research. Research Open Houses are held so that you can be aware of all of the research done in our department. These are held each February.