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[PLEASE NOTE: All PHY 102M/N, 103M/N, and 117M/N Labs have been replaced by a single series: PHY 105M/N. Register for those.]


The Math, Physics and Astronomy Advising Center


The Advising Center is located in PMA, Room 4.101. You may visit in person or contact them via email at mpaadv@austin.utexas.edu.


Please visit their website here for more information.



Physics Department



Melva Harbin; ugaffairs@physics.utexas.edu

Academic Program COORDINATOR

Jonathan Pereira; ugaffairs@physics.utexas.edu; PMA 7.328; 512-471-7591

ASSOCIATE CHAIR FOR UNDERGRADUATE education and undergraduate advisor

Dr. Greg Sitz; gositz@physics.utexas.edu; PMA 13.313; 512-471-0701

ASSOCIATE CHAIR FOR foundational physics education

Dr. John Markert; markert@physics.utexas.edu; PMA 13.314; 512-471-1039