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Management Contacts


Physics Organizational Chart



Department Chair

DR. Jack L. RiTchie                        Ritchie@physics.utexas.edu            RLM 5.206         512.471.4488


Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs

 Dr. Phil Morrison                      morrison@physics.utexas.edu       RLM 11.222        512.471.1527


Assistant Director for Administrative Services

ChrisTOPHER Lynch                   CHRIS.LYNCH@AUSTIN.UTEXAS.EDU         rlm 5.216         512.475.7784


Graduate Advisor

professor john keto                 keto@physics.utexas.edu               rlm 10.315         512.471.5059


Undergraduate Advisor

Professor Greg Sitz                  gositz@physics.utexas.edu           rlm 10.313         512.471-0701


Special Service to the Department:


Minority Bridge Liason

Sonia Paban


Physics Library Liason

Christina Markert


Business Forms, Policies & Procedures


CNS Business Policies and Instructions

  • Account changes (adding subs, etc.)
  • Account Reconciliation/Certification
  • Cash Advance Requests
  • New Account Request
  • Signature request form
  • Procard limit change requests
  • Official Occasion/Entertainment Policy


Handbook of Operatiing Procedures

Policies and instructions for everything.


Business forms

Comprehensive listing of CNS forms


Payee Information Form (PIF) and Document Upload


Payee Information Form


Faculty - Policies, Procedures & Forms


CNS Faculty Handbook


CNS Faculty Affairs - Policies and Forms


Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the governing reprsentative body of the faculty at The University of Texas at Austin.


Strategic Research Initiatives

The Strategic Research Initiatives page contains information on research policies, funding, proposal development, etc.