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At the University of Texas at Austin, students can learn from, and do research with, world-renowned physicists, such as Steven Weinberg (Nobel Prize, National Medal of Science, National Academy of Sciences), Harry Swinney (National Academy of Sciences, Boltzmann Medal), Roy Schwitters (Alan T. Waterman Award, Panofsky Prize) and George Sudarshan (Dirac Medal).
Students also have access to top research facilities such as the Texas Advanced Computing Center's supercomputers, McDonald Observatory, and one of the world's most powerful lasers, the Texas Petawatt Laser.
Our physics graduate program is ranked 17th in the country by U.S. News & World Report (2019 ed.). We are also ranked 3rd in Plasma Physics and 10th in Cosmology/Relativity/Gravity.
Through the Freshman Research Initiative, first year undergraduate students can participate in physics, math and astronomy related research projects, including "Electronic and Magnetic Materials Research," "Cosmic Dawn: How the First Galaxies Formed, Ended the Dark Ages, and Reionized the Universe," "Exploring the Universe with White Dwarf Stars" and "Computational Evolution."
Our enrollment for Fall 2020 is 436 undergraduate students and 178 graduate students.


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