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Continuing students apply for Department of Physics scholarships in the Spring semester for the upcoming academic year.  Awards are for Fall and Spring semesters and students are required to provide a Thank you letter to the donor prior to being awarded funds.  If you are an entering Freshman, Transfer, or Continuing student, please refer to the College of Natural Sciences Scholarship website for application process and timelines.  



Abel Family Scholarship in Physics

  • Criteria: recipients must meet the following requirements: 1) physics major; 2) pursuing a BS in physics; 3) undergrad students only, sophmore level or higher; 4) must have and maintain a 3.0 GPA overall and 3.0 in major; 5) must be taking a minimum of 12 semester hours; 5) work part-time at least 10hr per week, paid positions at a research lab within UT Austin are eligible.  Previous Abel Family Scholarship recipients are eligible for scholarship renewal each semester. 



  • Walter E. Millett Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics
  • Kent & Linda McCormack Scholarship in Physics
  • Melvin J. Rieger Scholarship Fund in Physics
  • Dr. Arnold Romberg Endowed Scholarship Fund in Physics
  • The Carol May and James C. Thompson Scholarship in Physics
  • Dr. Marco Antonio Zuniga Izaguirre Endowed Scholarship in Engineering and Physics
  • Peter R. Antoniewicz Endowed Scholarship in Physics
  • David and Edwina Thomas Undergraduate Physics Scholarship



  • Ira Lon Morgan Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Physics
  • Nancy Francis and William Arnold McMinn Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Physics
  • Darrell W. Moffitt, Jr. Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Physics


The Office of the Vice President of Research provides opportunities for support to full-time undergraduate students for specific research projects. To find out more information about URFs, click on the link below.  You will find detailed information and application forms as well as deadlines for applying.