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The official requirements for a graduate degree are prescribed in the Graduate Catalog, but there are also schedules and procedures listed in the Course Schedule for each semester, regulations listed in other University publications, and some requirements and procedures not to be found in any publication.

This is not an official publication. Although every effort is made to be accurate, the official rules are those as stated in official publications.

This guide covers the basic and usual procedures. Exceptions, special cases, and the procedures for treating them are omitted. If you have questions or uncertainty, be sure to visit us to discuss the matter.

The Physics Graduate Office is located on the fifth floor of PMA; see the column to the right for complete contact information. You can always refer to copies of the Catalog and Course Schedules there, as well as review notices of new courses, job opportunities, and fellowships. Currently, the Graduate Advisor is Prof. John Keto and the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee is Prof. Sonia Paban.

Please note that the Graduate Office is part of the Physics Department, whereas the GRADUATE SCHOOL refers to the Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School with offices in the Main Building (Tower), Room 101.