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Below are links to the various forms and documents that you may download. These might prove useful or necessary to you as a Physics graduate student. Additional forms and application materials can be found on the UT Graduate School site.


Physics graduate student handbook

This document seeks to cover all aspects of the Department from the perspective of graduate students, including: Departmental Organization and Operation (Administrative Offices, Research Support [Facilities, Resources, and Shops], Centers and Research Groups, Other Academic Resources, Tuition Benefits, Insurance, and Grievance Policies); the Graduate Curriculum; Job Responsibilities; Teaching Tips; Health and Safety Resources; the Student Machine Shop Safety Manual; and Sample Forms and Documents. It also contains the official version of the current graduate curriculum in Physics as it applies to those who entered during the years listed on the cover. Please note: We are working toward making past versions of this Handbook available via this website as well.


handbook Addendum

This Addendum to the Handbook (above) contains an updated version of the Administrative Offices section (2.2) of the Handbook


Semesterly Employment Resources

  • Teaching Assistant/Assistant Instructor Job Applications
  • Teaching Resources for TAs - Resources for TAs provided by the Faculty Innovation Center


Housing Resources from Division of Student Affairs


Physics graduate student information


Graduate Student Development Programs & Services - Providing consultations to assists graduate students with teaching statements, general teaching & learning, teaching prep series, fundamentals for TAs, graduate teaching showcase, and working groups 


parental accomodations

  • CNS graduate student accomodations information found here: link 
  • Graduate School information found here: link


General Resources:


Health and wellness Benefits:


Events/Meetings and Food Orders

  • Refer to the Events section of the Physics website for further information and process to request assistance on events.  


Graduate Student Parent Resources


Student Emergency Funds:

The Student Emergency Fund supports the financial wellness and personal wellbeing of our students. The fund provides financial support when a verified emergency has impacted a student's health, safety, or wellbeing.

  • Refer to the link to apply for funds
  • Student Emergency Services
    • Helps students and their families during difficult or emergency situations. Assistance includes outreach, advocacy, intervention, support, and referrals to relevant campus and community resources. Please note, our office does not provide counseling services.  


UT Outpost: UT Outpost is the free on-campus food pantry and career closet for all currently enrolled students at UT Austin. Emergencies and financial hardships can affect students in and outside of class. UT Outpost is here to support students with healthy food and gently used professional clothing.

  • Refer to the link for hours, location, and contact information