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The Department of Physics is involved in many areas of research and involves both domestic and international collaboration. We have seven organized research units and two groups. Click on the Research Centers menu item for more information about each area.  Below are links to several of our faculty's groups and labs.


 Materials Physics Group


Demkov LAB



Dr. Alex Demkov - Physics

Dr. John Eckerdt - Engineering

Dr. Agham Posadas - Physics

Miri Choi (GRD)                 Kristy Kormondy  (GRD)

Patrick Ponath (GRD)       Martin McDaniel  (GRD)

Thong Ngo  (GRD)





Nanoscale ElectroMagnetic Group — Prof.  Keji Lai


Lai LabSchematic of the standard MIM configuration    

   Dr. Yuan Ren          Yingnan Liu  (GRD)

   Dr. Di Wu                Zheng Lu  (GRD)

   Xiaoyu Wu (GRD)    He Liu  (Vis Schol)




Light Matter Interactions on the Nanoscale Group — Prof. Elaine Li


Experimental set-up for the 2D spectroscopy

   Dr. Jinwei Shi (PD)         Akshay Singh (GRD)

   Dr. Galan Moody (PD)    Liuyang Sun  (GRD)

   Kavir Dass (GRD)            Kevin Olsson  (GRD)

   Sarah Elias (GRD)           Kai Hao  (GRD)

   Tom Hartsfield (GRD)     Gabriel Cossio (UG)

   Kyongmo An  (GRD)       Mykyta Klimovich (UG)

   more people....     





Spintronics Group — Prof. Maxim Tsoi


Spintronics Lab   

   Heidi Seinige (GRD)            

   Cheng Wang (GRD)               Zhen Wei  (Ph.D)

   Brian O'Gorman (Ph.D)         Jonghwa Eom (PhD Visitor)

   Carl Knutson (Ph.D)              Julien Basset (MS Visitor)

   Sebastian Dietze                   Jorge Augusto Otalora Arias (PhD Visitor)

   Tobias Staudacher                Emilie Jue (MS Visitor)






Center for High Energy Density Science - Dr. Todd Ditmire


laser-action-photoTexas Petawatt Laser


   Michael Donovan (Associate Director)

   Dr. Michael Downer - Physics

   Dr. Bjorn Manuel Hegelich   

   Dr. John Keto - Physics

   Hernan Quevedo (Research Scientist)

   Michael Spinks (Laser Technician)   

   more people.....




Hoffmann Group


DSC 0045Cosmic ray test stand used to test Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers used in Time of Flight subsystem of the STAR Detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Lab



Dr. Jerry Hoffman  - Physics

Dr. Christina Markert - Physics

Lanny Ray - Research Scientist

Joachim Schambach - Research Scientist

Deepa Thomas - Post Doc

Anders Knospe - Post Doc

Alexander Jentsch - Grad Student

Prabhat Bhattarai - Grad Student







Atom Optics and Atomic Control Group - Dr. Mark Raizen


lasersetup-2Laser system for optical cooling and pumping of an atom beam


    Rodrigo Castillo-Garza  (PD)

    Karl Burkhardt (GRD)  

    Igal Bucay (GRD)

    Georgios Startis (GRD)

    Isaac Chavez (GRD)

    Jianyong Mo (GRD)

    Jamie Gardner (GRD)

    Kevin Melin (GRD) 

    more people....