Advisory Council for Physics Department



Tina Barrett

UT-Austin alumna; Physics Ph.D. Currently,President and owner of Waterlilly Homes, LLC, a local residential real-estate development company.







Richard Boner headshot 03 09

Richard Boner

UT-Austin alumnus in physics; son of Paul Boner, former Department Chair, College Dean (of Arts and Sciences), and founder of ARL. Richard is Senior Partner of Boner & Associates, an internationally renowned acoustics consulting firm.





Donald E. Bowen


Donald E. Bowen

UT Austin alumnus, Physics Ph.D. Retired senior level administrator at UT - El Paso, Missouri State University, Stephen F. Austin State University and the United Arab Emirates University.





Drobot pic


Adam Drobot


UT-Austin alumnus; B.A. in Engineering and Applied Physics from Cornell University; Ph.D in Physics from UT-Austin with a specialization in plasma physics. Adam is currently an independent investor, consultant, and Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks, Inc. He previously served as Managing Director of 2M Companies as Chief Technology Officer and President of Advanced Techology Solutions at Telcordia Techologies. He also managed the Advanced Technology Group and was Senior Vice President for Science and Technology at SAIC. He is currently on the Board of the Telecommunications Industry Association and a member of the FCC Technical Advisory Council. Adam's special interests are multidisciplinary computational-based tools to support complex products.



Richardson B. Gill

UT-Austin alumnus. B.A. in history, B.E.S. in electrical engineering, B.S. in mathematics, B.S. in physics, Master’s and Ph.D. in anthropology (Maya archaeology)—all from UT. Retired banker, wine producer, and ranch manager, Director and Treasurer of the Mind-Science Foundation in San Antonio, Director of Musical Bridges Around the World and the Entre-Flamenco Foundation.



 Keig Beth3

Elizabeth J. Keig

UT-Austin alumna, B.A. in computer sciences and J.D. from UT Law School. Member of the College of Natural Sciences Advisory Council. Deputy General Counsel for Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.





 Jeff Kodosky

Jeff Kodosky

UT-Austin alumnus, physics/computer sciences. Member of the College of Natural Sciences Advisory Council. Major donor to the Physics Department and the College. Co-founder of National Instruments.







  Brian Feb 15

Brian Kushner

PhD in Applied Physics, Cornell University. Member of the College of Natural Sciences Advisory Council. Senior Managing Director of FIT Consulting.






Sheridan Lorenz head shot


Sheridan Mitchell Lorenz

UT-Austin alumna; BA in French/Russian; post-graduate studies: Architecture/Geography. Initiated philantrhopic programs in education, youth employment and low-income housing in Galveston. Advisory Board member of the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy, Texas A & M, and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, Austin.



Truett Majors

UT-Austin alumnus and physics Ph.D; donor to Physics Department. Currently a financial advisor to prominent Texans.





Margaret Perry

Well-known music educator; founding Director of the Armstrong Community Music School in Austin. Active in the local music community and philanthropic scene. Margaret also has an undergraduate background in Physics.







Dan Riley

UT-Austin alumnus, law degree; member of the College of Sciences Natural Sciences Advisory Council; retired Senior Partner in the Washington office of a prominent national law firm.








Rick Sivan


UT-Austin alumnus with a B.S. in Physics and a Ph.D in solid state Physics. Rick has served as VP of Research & Development and as Executive Director of IC Technology at International Rectifier, a world leader in power management technology. He has also served as Director of Technology at ATDF (Sematech subsidiary) and has held several top-level positions at Motorola both in Austin, TX and in Herzelia, Israel. He is interested in community service, has served on the Board of Directors of SafePlace in Austin and on the Departmental Visiting Committees for the Dept of Physics and ECE.





 Suzanne Stout

Suzanne Stout

 UT-Austin alumna, Physics. MBA, Ph.D in Business. Former professor; retired executive from Cisco Systems.  Current management consultant and angel investor.




Budget Council Advisory Committee

Duane Dicus, Chair

Richard Fitzpatrick

Manuel Hegelich

Elaine Li

Harry Swinney

Maxim Tsoi

Colloquium Committee

Karol Lang, Chair

Todd Ditmire

Manfred Fink

Richard Hazeltine

Qian Niu

Dual Degree Oversight Committee

Qian Niu, Chair

Ken Gentle

Manuel Hegelich

John Keto

Ken Shih

Faculty Advancement Committee

Karol Lang, Chair

Mike Downer

Allan Macdonald

Mark Raizen

Jack Ritchie

Graduate Recruitment Committee

Richard Fitzpatrick, Chair

Alex de Lozanne

Jacques Distler

Dan Heinzen

John Keto

Keji Lai

Peter Onyisi

Graduate Studies Sub-Committee (GSSC)

Sonia Paban, Chair

Alex Demkov

Greg Fiete

E.L. Florin

Phil Morrison

John Keto

Graduate Welfare Committee

E.L Florin, Chair

Vadim Kaplunovsky

John Keto

Maxim Tsoi

Zhen Yao

Seven elected graduate student representatives

Nominations Committee

Harry Swinney, Chair

Jim Chelikowsky

Richard Matzner

Ray Orbach

Roy Schwitters


Outreach & Diversity Committee

Christina Markert, Chair

Tim Andeen

Willy Fischler

Çan Kilic

Linda Reichl


Teaching Excellence Committee

Michael Marder, Chair

Vernita Gordon

John Markert

Greg Sitz

John Yeazell


Saturday Workshop Committee

Austin Gleeson

Richard Hazeltine

Zhen Yao

Undergraduate Advising Committee

Greg Sitz, Chair

Duane Dicus

Mike Marder

John Markert

Linda Reichl

Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Greg Sitz, Chair

Duane Dicus

Phil Morrison

Sonia Paban

John Yeazell