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The first detection of gravitational waves in September 2015 saw the dawn of gravitational wave astronomy and a new era for gravitational physics, one driven by observations. The Center for Gravitational Physics (CGP) (cgp.ph.utexas.edu) was established to create a focal point for researchers engaged in expanding our understanding of gravitational phenomena. Research involves gravitational wave astrophysics, numerical relativity, computational astrophysics, and neutron star and black-hole physics. The CGP’s mission is enhanced through collaborations with the Weinberg Theory Group, the Department of Astronomy, and the Oden Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. Members of the center are part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, the Cosmic Explorer Consortium, and the LISA Consortium.

The Center has a Relativity seminar in addition to the Weinberg Theory Group’s talks, the Cosmology Center Journal Club, and a weekly CGP meeting. Students are welcome to attend.



Core Physics Faculty

  • Hsin-Yu Chen, University of Chicago, 2017.

Assistant Professor of Physics. Gravitational Waves, Multi-messenger Astrophysics, Black holes and neutron stars

  • Pablo Laguna, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1987.

    Department Chair.

    Black holes and neutron star binaries, gravitational wave, numerical relativity and computational astrophysics, tidal disruption.

  • Richard A. Matzner, Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1967.

    Professor of Physics.

    General relativity and cosmology; manifolds with little symmetry; kinetic theory; conservation laws in general relativity; black hole physics and gravitational radiation.

  • Deirdre Shoemaker, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1999.

    Professorship in Physics #1 | Director, Center for Gravitational Physics (CGP).

    Blackhole binary systems, gravitational waves, numerical relativity.

  • Aaron Zimmerman, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 2013.

    Assistant Professor of Physics.

    Black holes, gravitational waves, numerical relativity, strong gravity.


Other Physics Professors with Research Interests in this Area

  • Kimberly K. Boddy, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 2014.

    Assistant Professor of Physics.

    Theoretical physics; cosmology; astroparticle physics; dark matter; gravitational waves.

  • Elena Cáceres, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1996.

    Associate Professor of Physics.

    String Theory and Gravity: gauge/gravity duality, supergravity solutions, and holography.

  • Jacques Distler, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1987.

    Professor of Physics.

    High-energy theory; mathematical physics; string theory.

  • Willy Fischler, Ph.D., Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1976.

    Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor of Physics.

    Theoretical physics; particle theory; invisible axion and supersymmetry.

    Director, Center for High Energy Physics.

Professors in Other Departments

Emeritus and Retired Physics Faculty





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