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Plasma Seminar
Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 02:00pm

Juan Ortiz Luego (Researcher at University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

"Analysis of the Alfven activity using FAR3d in the Stellarator devices QPS and TJ-II"

Abstract: The talk shows the work carried out by Juan Ortiz during his PhD. It is primarily focused on the use of the gyro-fluid code FAR3d to analyze the linear stability of Alfvén eigenmodes (AE) in the QPS and TJ-II devices heated by a tangential neutral beam injector (NBI). FAR3d solves the reduced MHD equations for the thermal plasma coupled with moments of the kinetic equation for the energetic particles (EP). The presentation is structured into three main segments. First, an introduction to the FAR3d code and its application in studying Alfvénic activity. Second, a theoretical analysis of the QPS stellerator device is presented, identifying the optimal operational regime concerning NBI characteristics and potential Alfvénic instabilities. Third, the use of FAR3d to analyze experimental data from the TJII stellarator in Madrid is discussed, identifying the type of instabilities detected and expanding the study to the optimization of TJII performance by modifying the NBI parameters in a manner similar to the QPS analysis approach.

Location: PMA 11.204