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Final Defense: Charles Burton
Thursday, August 11, 2022, 02:00pm

Charles Burton, UT-Austin

"Measurement of J/psi meson production in association with a W boson in pp data at 13 TeV collected by the ATLAS Experiment"

Abstract: A measurement of the production cross-section of J/ψ mesons in association with a W boson in √s = 13 TeV pp collisions by the ATLAS experiment, using 139 1/fb of integrated luminosity produced by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Events are selected with W→lν and J/ψ→µµ. The ratio of the prompt J/ψ + W cross-section to the inclusive W cross-section is presented for J/ψ transverse momenta in the range 8 -- 200 GeV and rapidity |y| < 2.1, and is presented as a differential measurement as a function of J/ψ transverse momenta and rapidity. Comparisons are made with theoretical predictions for single-parton and double-parton production events.

Location: PMA 9.22 and Zoom