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Qualifier: Ryan C. Spieler
Monday, June 27, 2022, 02:00pm

Ryan C. Spieler, UT-Austin

"Effective Field Theory and Gapped Boundary Conditions for the X Cube on a Bounded Manifold"

Abstract: Fractons are novel quasiparticles that cannot move.  Phases with fractons feature excitations with restricted mobility, exotic symmetries, and subextensive ground state degeneracies that do not change under local perturbations.  These phases share many similarities with topological phases, which can be understood from the physics on their boundary.  In this talk, following recent work with Zhu-Xi Luo, Hao-Yu Sun, and Andreas Karch, I will describe an initial foray into fracton boundary physics from the perspective of their effective field theory.  I will recapitulate the BF-like field theory for the X Cube model and present the boundary theory that results from its failure to be gauge invariant on bounded manifolds.  Using this boundary theory, I will present signs of a bulk-boundary correspondence and describe some gapped boundary conditions that arise from condensation.  I will conclude by discussing some future directions.
Location: PMA 5.116 and Zoom