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Final Defense: Wente Li
Thursday, June 09, 2022, 09:00am
Wente Li, Prof. Demkov group and Department of Physics
"The Electronic and Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Metal-Oxide Heterostructures"
Abstract: Spintronic devices and photonic integrated circuits are two promising directions believed to revolutionize traditional silicon-based semiconductor electronics. We believe that metal oxides, especially transition metal oxides, as well as their thin films and interfaces hold tremendous promise in this endeavor. Therefore, the fundamental research of low dimensional strongly correlated metal oxide systems is essential.

Firstly, I will introduce heterostructures related to EuO, a ferromagnetic semiconductor, and BaTiO3, a ferroelectric insulator that can be used in spintronic devices. Secondly, I will focus on the materials for applications in photonic integrated circuits. I study BaTiO3 thin films and investigate the material’s large electro-optic effect. Thirdly, I explore the giant nonlinear optical susceptibility in BaSnO3 quantum wells using the combination of macroscopic and microscopic computational modeling.
Location: PMA 11.204 and Zoom