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Qualifier: Deepesh Verma
Monday, November 29, 2021, 11:00am

Deepesh Vermam, UT-Austin

"Optimization for Low ITG/TEM Transport Using the Simplified Kinetic Model (SKiM)"

Abstract: Advances in gyrokinetic analysis indicate that transport barriers within fusion devices can arise due to the existence of strongly weakened ITG/TEM instabilities. It should be possible to optimize the geometry of fusion devices, like tokamaks and stellarators, to be within this regime. A fast implementation of a Simplified Kinetic Model (SKiM) is being developed for incorporation into STELLOPT optimization code. SKiM is an approximation to the gyrokinetic equation that resolves accurate estimates of ITG/TEM growth rates, but is many orders of magnitude faster than gyrokinetic simulations. Together with optimization for neoclassical transport, this can be used to develop stellarator geometries with exceptionally high energy confinement.


Location: Zoom