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Physics Colloquium: Dr. Paul Kunz
Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 04:00pm

Dr. Paul Kunz, Physicist, Leader of Neutral Atom Quantum Science Lab, Army Research Laboratory,

"Rydberg Sensors & High-Capacity Memories: New Prospects for Neutral-Atom Quantum Science"

Abstract: Atoms in pristine vacuum offer an exquisite platform for quantum sensing and quantum information science, and have a long history of success in atomic clocks and magnetometers. Recent advances in quantum memories and Rydberg electric field sensing show that neutral atoms’ impact on quantum technologies continues to grow. I will present results on two separate experimental efforts within each of these two areas. First, using ensembles of many trapped atoms coupled to an optical cavity we now have a method to store hundreds of individual quantum states and subsequently read them out with high fidelity and efficiency. This addresses the primary remaining roadblocks that have prevented realization of a quantum repeater, a device that can distribute entanglement over long distances. Second, warm atomic vapors excited to Rydberg states offer unprecedented precision for measuring electric fields, operate over an extremely wide frequency range - from 0 to 1012 Hz, and enable sub-wavelength imaging; capabilities that are not possible with traditional electronic approaches. Rydberg sensors are rapidly advancing, and offer an exciting research avenue both in pushing to the fundamental limits of quantum sensing and in exploring applications with this new tool set.

Location: Zoom (Meeting ID: 927 3214 6078)