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Theory Group Seminar
Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 02:00pm

Kenneth Lane, Boston University

"Higgs alignment and the top quark"

1:00pm Social Hour, 2:00pm Seminar

Abstract: There is a surprising connection between the top quark and Higgs alignment in Gildener-Weinberg multi-Higgs doublet models. Were it not for the top quark and its large mass, the coupling of the $125,{rm GeV}$ Higgs boson $H$ to gauge bosons and fermions would be indistinguishable to those of the Standard Model Higgs. The top quark's coupling to a single Higgs doublet breaks this perfect alignment in higher orders of the Coleman-Weinberg loop expansion of the effective potential. But the effect is still small, $< {cal{O}}(1%)$, and probably experimentally inaccessible.

Location: Zoom