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Qualifier: Jeffrey Vit
Wednesday, November 04, 2020, 02:00pm

Jeffrey Vit, UT-Austin

"Low Temperature Magnetic Force Microscope With a Simple Design"

Abstract: We present a new design for a magnetic force microscope that will operate at variable temperatures down to liquid helium in fields up to 8 Tesla. As with our previous designs, the temperature/field design goals are achieved most efficiently by maintaining everything within a one-inch cylinder.[Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78, 053710 (2007)] Unlike other designs, this one has an open architecture that results in simplified machining, assembly, modification/repair, and daily operation. The new microscope has three homemade stick-slip stages that provide several millimeters of relative travel between tip and sample.

*Supported by NSF DMR-1507874

Location: Zoom