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Theory Group Seminar
Tuesday, November 03, 2020, 02:00pm

Haoyu Sun

"Ising/gravity duality: nonhandlebodies & branes"

Abstract: After reviewing the work in arXiv:1111.1987 and arXiv:1907.06656 on Ising/gravity duality for handlebodies of any genus, I will present the new results for nonhandlebodies. We reformulate the SL(2,Z) family of BTZ black holes in terms of Dehn surgery on an unknot in the solid torus, and give a procedure of generating any nonhandlebody from a standard handlebody. Then we focus on a special case - a twisted I-bundle, and compute its gravitational partition function using anyon diagrams. The result matches the Ising answer up to a multiplicative constant. If time permits, I will also briefly mention the work in progress with Andreas Karch and Zhu-Xi Luo on generalizing the duality to AdS/BCFT.

Location: Zoom