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Roger D Bengtson

Experimental plasma physics; plasma spectroscopy


Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Ph.D., University of Maryland (1968)

Research Interests

Experimental plasma physics; plasma spectroscopy

104. E. Oks, R. D. Bengtson, J. Touma, “Application of the generalized theory of Stark
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Chapters in Books

1. R.D. Bengtson, "The Study of Plasma Formation in Fusion Devices," Course on Plasma Diagnostics and Data Acquisition Systems, International School of Plasma Physics, edited by C. Wharton and E. Sindoni, Pergamon Press (1979).

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4. D.C. Pease and R.D. Bengtson, "High Resolution (∆l FWHM < 0.08Å) Helium Line Profile in a Low Density Linear Discharge," Spectral Line Shapes 2, K. Burnett (Editor),Walter de Gruyter, 199-214, (1983).

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